If you and your spouse are separated or in the process of separating, having an attorney is critical. With each situation being extremely unique and the large amount of legal paperwork involved, an attorney at Butler & Livengood will help you navigate the road ahead. Whether contested or uncontested, children or no children, we can bring the case to rest.

Child Custody

Divorce impacts children. Therefore, if you are considering divorce, it is important to become familiar with child custody laws to save your child, or children, from as much pain as possible. When examining a child custody dispute, the Virginia family court will determine legal custody, physical custody, and visitation rights. If you are involved in a child custody case, we want to help you receive the best outcome.

Child Support

If you and your spouse no longer live together, you may be navigating the road of child support. After the court ruling, there is potential for a dispute over financial decisions, involving funds not being sufficient or too excessive. We desire to help guide you through the process and negotiate the best option for your child support situation. There are many components that go into the court’s decision and we are determined to advocate for an application of the law that provides the best results for you.

Spousal Support

Are you in need of spousal support? If you have been divorced and your partner is more financially stable, you may be eligible for their support. This alimony may be paid as a lump sum or over a period of time. An attorney at Butler & Livengood can help you get what you need. Note: This is only applicable for two people that were legally married.


Are you looking to adopt? We can help you bring your child home! Whether you want an agency placement or a parental placement, we want to help you navigate the state, federal, and potentially international laws to keep you and your child safe. You can also contact us to handle international, stepparent, foster parent, and interstate adoptions.